A Project-Based Learning Unit

This unit is designed for a quasi-flipped classroom approach to teaching and learning. The foundation lies in a case-study research project. The students will learn from the best practices recommended by this research and will apply these practices in their own work. While there are eight readings with discussion questions, the heart of this unit is a modified contract project list. Students must complete two required elements and then must choose additional activities according to their interests.


Case Studies of Social Media Marketers

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Claire: Flight Attendant/Photographer/Designer/Candle Merchant (click photo)

Stacy: (seated) Stylist/Salon Owner 

(click photo)

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Unit Objectives

*Students will show an understanding of appropriate social media use.

*Students will demonstrate effective rhetorical skills in digital writing.

*Students will analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of social media posts as marketing tools.

*Students will evaluate opinions and issues related to social media as a whole.

Professional eSport Gamers

Lauren: Artist (click photo)