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Purpose of the Virtual Writing Center

The Virtual Writing Center seeks to fulfill two roles. First, to be a resource for students when they need help, but teachers are unavailable. Second, and more importantly, we seek to be a place for collaboration.

In "Virtual High School Writing Centers: A Spectrum of Possibilities," Childers, et al. write:

Theoretically, students using online services can access the resources of the writing center and ask questions of the staff at any time from any location. Students can log in from their homes late at night and investigate questions that arise as they write. This sounds great because most students do their writing on their own computers at home. High school students have very little free time during the school day because their days are filled with classes and after-school activities such as sports or work. The only time they really have to write is when the writing center is closed.

While our site does not have a component whereby students and an "on-duty" writing instructor can chat (especially not at 2 a.m., eight hours before a paper is due), it does provide a forum through which we can provide students with lessons and tips for good writing.


To fulfill the second purpose, we offer asynchronous components. We have the ability for students to contact us throughout the writing process, either to ask specific questions and await an email reply or to make an appointment for one-on-one sessions with faculty or peer tutors. This virtual component of the physical center should be viewed as a resource and a guide for when students need help initiating their projects and revising drafts. They can even submit their drafts for advice, assuming they are not working at the last minute.